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Mazin International Logistics operates and invests in companies that transform supply chains by making them smarter, faster, cleaner, fairer and more efficient.

MIL offers unmatched infrastructure, 24/7 services and access to markets in the Egypt, Libya and Ukraine. Built-to-suit and ready-built warehouses and light-industrial structures, open yards and ancillary facilities – all providing more value per square meter. Mazin International Logistics eliminate hidden costs and reduce risk, helping businesses lower their operational and capital costs, boost quality control, and improve speed to market. Flexible leases allow businesses to scale and grow.

Our Strategic investments

invests in companies that are transforming the supply chain. We focus on logistics and transportation, industrial real estate, and technologies and partnerships that drive innovation in e-commerce enablement, online freight, sustainable transport, and more.

Open Yards

  • Road base, interlock block paved, asphalt or concrete

  • Sizes ranging from 500 SQM to 20,000 SQM

  • Flexible leases from three months to three years

  • Suitable for open storage, truck parks, maintenance and repair yards, vehicle staging, and more

Ready-Built Warehousing

  • Built to Class A warehousing specifications with a modular expandable design

  • Sizes from 500 SQM to 10,000+ SQM. Flexible leases from six months to five years

  • Suitable for storage, distribution, processing, assembly and maintenance uses

  • Engineered for A/C, freezer / chiller, hazmat, office fit outs

  • Structures built to heights of 10 meters with open layouts with minimal pillars for ease of Mechanical Handling Equipment

Sites Built To Your Needs

  • Custom-built to customer specifications

  • Sizes ranging from 5,000 SQM
    to 60,000 SQM

  • Flexible leases from five to
    20 years

  • Suitable for warehousing and industrial uses

  • Distribution centers, fulfillment centers, light industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and more

Light-Industrial Units

  • Light-industrial spaces with natural lighting

  • Secure work space and controlled employee entry

  • Safety features for assembly, processing, packaging, maintenance work

  • Ample docking and loading space

Additional Services

Mazin International Logistics offer more than world-class warehousing. Flexible designs mean businesses can enhance their efficiency by adding offices, IT infrastructure, retail and showroom space, employee amenities and more.

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